VPO Forum Singapore  9 October 2018

Agenda Outline

0830 – Registration and coffee

0900 – Chairman’s Welcome and Opening Remarks
Kaushik Seal, Business Development Leader, DNV GL Maritime

0915 0945 – Keynote
Sustainable Shipping and its impact on vessel’s efficiency

  • Impact of IMO’s marine environment protection initiatives on vessel’s efficiency
  • Challenges beyond 2020

Elfian Harun, Environment Manager, INTERTANKO

Session 1:
Monitoring and Performance Management

0945 – 1010 Artificial Intelligence in Action

  • The first cyber personal assistant for vessel monitoring & management is now a reality.
  • A virtual agent that interacts with its colleagues via Natural Language Processing
  • Monitoring to detect noteworthy events, calculate KPIs, and make complex prognostics and diagnostics

Mike Konstantinidis, CEO, METIS Cyberspace Technology

1010 – 1035 Driving Operational Excellence by means of Fleet Decision Support Systems

  • Combining weather, voyage and technical data for performance analysis
  • Making data driven commercial decisions and creating awareness
  • Keeping track of voyage performance

Dr. Thomas Weber, Product Manager FleetDSS, StormGeo Shipping

1035 – 1100 Performance Management

  • What are we trying to solve?
  • Performance Classification
  • Discussion on Technical Performance

Nishant Dhyani, Fleet Efficiency Manager, The China Navigation Company

1100 – 1125 Coffee break

Session 2:
Fuel Management

1125 – 1150 Vessel Performance & Data Analytics

  • Methods of collecting data and relevance of data quality
  • How to use collected data
  • Examples of most relevant visualization to identify unacceptable performance
  • Stages of performance improvement

Rajat Saxena, Manager Performance and Efficiency, Epic Gas

1150 – 1235 Panel Discussion: Avoiding Operational Issues in 2020
This panel will look at how to predict and manage operational problems on-board that may arise from bunkering different fuel blends from multiple ports.

  • 0.5 per cent sulphur fuel is likely to be available but there are concerns that bunkering different fuel blends at different ports will cause compatibility issues. Is this a major concern for today’s operators and what plans to do they have in place to minimise the risk?
  • The recent US Gulf and Singapore incidents indicates this problem is already growing and we haven’t reached 2020 yet. Will more fuel blends exacerbate this?
  • How will staff be trained to ensure they can recognise and respond to compatibility issues at the earliest point to minimise engine component damage?
  • What are the options for storing different fuel blends?

Moderated by:

  • Sean Hutchings, Chief Technical Officer, Thome Group of Companies

Panellists include:

  • Chris Turner, Manager Bunker Quality and Claims, Integr8 Fuels
  • Alan Bannister, Head of Business Development - Asia, Argus Media
  • Rajat Saxena, Manager Performance and Efficiency, Epic Gas
  • Kapil Berry, General Manager, Head of Compliance & Environmental, BW Technology
  • Naveed Husain Khan, Senior Marine Operations Manager, Global Marine Centre – Maersk Line
  • Paul van Vessem, Sales Manager APAC, MeteoGroup

1235 – 1335 Lunch

Session 2:
Fuel Management - cont.

1335 – 1400 Fuelling Challenges Post 2020

  • Options for compliant fuel in 2020
  • Supply chain and onboard issues
  • Onboard issues
  • Claims outlook

Chris Turner, Manager Bunker Quality and Claims, Integr8 Fuels

1400 – 1425 Preparing for the Future Today – Operation Hubs

  • Real time monitoring capabilities & optimisation of operational efficiencies
  • A step change in crisis management
  • New skill sets

Sean Hutchings, Chief Technical Officer, Thome Group of Companies

Session 3:
Investing for fuel efficiency

1425 – 1450 Attaining Maximum Efficiency Through Integrated Propeller Design and Retrofit

  • Analysing operational data to redesign the propeller for more fuel efficiency or avoiding heavy running
  • How redesign based on operational data works (technical, financial, adopting to that specific vessel)
  • Lessons learned from our redesign program

Arne Falkenhorst, Project Manager, Sales & Projects, MMG Propeller

1450 – 1535 Panel Discussion - Investing in Ship Efficiency
Are banks prepared for upcoming regulations, do they have the resources to help companies meet the 2020 global sulphur cap? Does the shipping industry have access to the funds they require to maximise operational efficiency and improve the sustainability of shipping, and how can we balance the economics against the extra investment?

Moderated by:

  • Nick Anagnostides, General Manager, Praxis Energy Agents

Panellists include:

  • Avinash Kadam, Managing Director, ARK Marine Consultancy
  • Geir Bakkelund, Head of Shipping Asset Finance Asia, National Australia Bank
  • Arne Falkenhorst, Project Manager (Sales & Projects) MMG Propeller
  • Klaus Schmidberger, Vice President – Maritime Industries, KfW IPEX-Bank
  • Pietro Allevato, Shipping Advisor

1535 – 1600 Ship Propulsion Monitoring and Bookkeeping – Case Studies

  • How propeller thrust measurement provides a new dimension in ship propulsion efficiency bookkeeping
  • Hull & propeller performance measurement case studies of a +10.000 TEU container vessel
  • Effects of hull & propeller cleaning on a large cruise vessel
  • Trim optimisation on a chemical tanker

Daniëlle Tap, Area Sales Manager, VAF Instruments

1600 – 1625 Coffee break 

1625 – 1745 Roundtable Discussions
These roundtables are open to all participants (end users, suppliers, sponsors etc) and will take place simultaneously – all hosted by key partners and sponsors. Each table can host up to 10 participants, and delegates will be invited to sign up throughout the morning to the roundtable they wish to attend, via our interactive WebApp.

The content in these interactive Roundtable sessions will be focused on solutions and business strategy and they will last for 1.15 hours in total, with the discussion itself lasting 40 minutes, followed by 35 minutes, for a short 5-minute summary from each table to the whole room.

A maximum of 6 Tables to be hosted.

METIS CYBERTECHNOLOGY1. Are Noon Reports still necessary in the 21st century?

Noon reports are valuable for vessel position and performance, but less so for fuel efficiency. With a greater focus on fuel efficient operations, where does the value of the noon report lie?

MMG The Propeller2. Are market barriers preventing retrofits of fuel-saving technologies?

Many banks are reducing their available finance to the shipping industry. This topic will give the option for owners and operators to discuss the challenges in obtaining finance for ship efficiency.

sponsored by MMG Propeller

MeteoGroup3. How not to get lost in the growing availability of (big) data, solutions and interfaces?

More and more data are gathered from the vessel and send ashore. But is this data actually being used in an easy and clear way? With so many solutions on the marketing for monitoring how do you avoid getting overloaded. What is your vision on a real decision support system that has all you need instead of just all.

sponsored by MeteoGroup

VAF Instruments4. Efficiency monitoring; how to make the most out of it?

It is vital to have access to your ships’ propulsion KPIs in order to understand the efficiency of a vessel. Various internal and external factors affect these KPIs and it is essential to ensure that monitoring these KPIs leads to real gains in vessel performance and efficiency. This roundtable will discuss how to monitor for maximum gains in efficiency.

sponsored by VAF Instruments

1745 – Conclusions, followed by Networking Drinks

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