Digital Ship Morning Session:
Maritime Big Data Forum
Big Data – Big Value

0930 – Registration/Welcome Refreshments

1000 – Forum Opening Notes from Conference Chair
Dr. Ando Hideyuki, Senior General Manager, Monohakobi Technology Institute, NYK Line

1010 – Opening Address: Big Data in Perspective

1035 – Smart Ships and Data Ecosystems

  • Sharing knowledge
  • Key drivers and opportunities
  • Protection

1100 – Big Data in Practice: How Digitalisation Changes Fleet Performance Optimisation

  • Digitalisation in shipping industry brings new challenges and opportunities to fleet performance optimisation.
  • Digitalisation enables faster and better decision making related to fleet performance optimisation.
  • Smart fleet performance optimisation through digitalisation will be the source of competitiveness for all shipping companies

Ryo Kakuta, Branch Manager, MTI Co., Ltd. Singapore Branch

1125 – Short Coffee Break

1150 – Protection in the Big Data Era

1215 – Panel Discussion Big Data Big Value
Shipping companies already generate large amounts of data, with equipment like the VDR a prime example. However, they rarely have processes and procedures in place to turn this sea of data into valuable, actionable information. Is connecting to a data platform merely a small step in a more extensive process that shipping companies will have to become involved with to optimise their operations in a data-rich future?

  • Where does the revenue come from in future open data sharing models, and what would the implications be for companies sharing data through a platform that is later discontinued? What is really driving data driven efficiency?
  • How can shipping companies use these platforms to optimise their operations in a data-rich future?
  • Where does the revenue come from in a future of open data exchange?
  • How can the industry leverage this technology to build a more efficient future?
  • How can data owners be incentivised to share information that has previously been considered a competitive advantage?

Panel Moderator: Rob O'Dwyer, Editor, Digital Ship
Shinobu Suzuki, Country Manager, Marlink
Speaker to be announced, KVH
Ryo Kakuta, Branch Manager, MTI Co., Ltd. Singapore Branch
Further Panellists to be announced.

1300 – Lunch Break: Maritime Big Data Forum & Vessel Performance Optimisation Forum

Vessel Performance Optimisation Afternoon Session:
Vessel Performance Optimisation
How to tactically ensure your fleets’ optimum efficiency

1300 – Lunch Break: Maritime Big Data Forum & Vessel Performance Optimisation Forum

1415 – Forum Opening Notes from Conference Chair
Dr. Ando Hideyuki, Senior General Manager, Monohakobi Technology Institute, NYK Line

1425 – Opening Address

1450 – Keynote - Vessel Performance and Alternative Fuel
Peter Keller, Executive Vice President, TOTE, Chairman, SEA\LNG

1515 – Satellite as an Enabler of Vessel Performance and Optimisation through Applications
Stein Oroe, VP Sales - Applications, Inmarsat Maritime

Session 1: Ship Planning and Design for Optimal Efficiency

1540 – Hull & Paint Performance Management

  • Biofouling in perspective
  • Anti-fouling coating aspects & hull performance
  • Reference case vessel performance data
  • ROI and AF

Kenshi Date, Director sales, Chugoku Marine Paints (CMP)
Philip Chaabane
, CEO, I-Tech

1605 – Short Coffee Break

1630 – Propeller Performance
Dr. Eng. Yasuhiko Inukai, Manager Hydrodynamics Design Group, Planning & Development Department, Ship & Offshore Division, Japan Marine United Corporation

Session 2: Vessel Performance Management

1655 – Different Perspectives from Stakeholders on Vessel Performance

  • Connections between on-shore bases and vessels
  • Evidence from performance monitoring translating into improved efficiency
  • Real-time results for quicker decision making

Thomas Weber, Head Development Vessel Performance, StormGeo

1720 – Roundup Discussion Panel Fleet Performance Management in Practice

  • Importance of expected operational profile and design methods
  • Best practices

Moderated by:
To be announced
Panellists include:
Michiel Hendrikx, Regional Sales Director Asia Pacific, Damen Shipyards
With panellists to be announced.

1800 - Forum Closing Notes, Followed by Drinks & Networking Reception

How to tactically ensure your fleets’ optimum efficiency


Optimising vessel performance has always been on our agenda. Increasing regulation, fluctuations in bunker prices and a growing concern for the global environmental impact of shipping has led to an even higher focus on the way vessels operate. This increased pressure forces shipping companies to improve vessels’ technical and operational efficiency even further.

The design of a ship, the shape of its hull, its propulsion systems, onboard communications, route optimisation and navigation software, maintenance, fuel type, environmental technology and dry-docking procedures are just some of the variables that will have a significant impact on a vessel’s energy efficiency, fuel consumption and overall cost of operation. Even marginal improvements in these areas can combine to create a material difference to a company’s bottom line.

An up-to-date insight into current and future regulations, such as the upcoming CO2 regulations, Global Sulphur Cap, NOx Tier III, Ballast Water, Biofouling regulations is imperative. Ship owners need to analyse the impact of the regulations, explore necessary vessel adjustments, and evaluate performance implications.

There is an ever-growing list of actors with a stake in a vessel’s performance management. Ship owners, cargo owners, cargo operators, pool operators, charter companies, technical managers, crew, banks, investors and insurance companies will have to deal with transparency and evidence of commitment to efficiency measures in their contracts. We will look at how these different interests affect one another.

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11  April 2018


Tokyo Big Sight,
International Exhibition Centre

Address: 3 Chome-11-1 Ariake,
Koto, Tokyo 135-0063, Japan


Anka Prpa
T: +44 20 7017 3413

This Forum will provide a tactical approach to vessel performance – with practical discussion, and an overall holistic approach to ship operations. We will investigate regulations, innovations and best practices for vessel performance in design and operations. We will look at the future of integrated whole ship operations, and consider the impact of ship efficiency on ship shore operations.

Through two defined plenary sessions and informative question and answer panel sessions, we will focus on practical methods, and will bring together representatives to discuss vessel performance optimisation to achieve operational excellence.


Session 1:
Ship Planning and Design for Optimal Efficiency

A vessel should be designed optimally for the operations that it will encounter over its lifetime. There has been much change in the industry over the last five to seven years, and focus on efficient designs has increased significantly. Experts in ship operations and ship design will use this session to discuss how design methods have improved, both in setting new requirements to efficient tonnage and also in today’s ship design methods.

Session 2:
Fleet Performance Management

Companies are slowly learning how to manage new anti-fouling coatings, quality of dry-dockings, how and when to conduct hull cleanings, and propeller polishing. Hull and propeller degradation during and after a dry-docking period is a major contributor to ship underperformance, but other factors also leave for improvement; engine efficiency, power production and power consumption, paint, use of boilers, shaft generators, consumption in harbours – these all have an impact on the efficiency of the typical merchant fleet.

Who should attend:

  • CEOs/CIOs/CTOs/COOs/Managing Directors
  • Operations directors/managers
  • Performance directors/managers
  • New build directors/managers
  • Technical directors/managers
  • Fleet performance directors/managers
  • Energy performance directors/managers
  • Engineering directors/managers

We also hope to meet delegates involved in Ship Design, Emissions, Regulations, and Sustainability, as well as those working for Marine Equipment Manufacturers, Marine Solution Providers, Paint and Coatings Manufacturers, and Fuel Suppliers.

Confirmed Speakers include:

Dr. Ando HideyukiDr. Ando Hideyuki
Senior General Manager
Monohakobi Technology Institute,
NYK Line

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Biography pending.

Kenshi DateKenshi Date
Deputy Chief of Sales Headquarter
Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd
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- Deputy Chief of Sales Headquarter, Chugoku Marine Paints Ltd
- Managing Director, Chugoku Marine Paints Europe
- Various international management positions at CMP

Philip ChaabanePhilip Chaabane
I-Tech AB
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- CEO, I-Tech AB, a venture cap funded bio-tech company based in Gothenburg
- Various senior management positions at PowerCell Sweden AB, a fuel cell tech company listed at Nasdaq First North
- Various management positions in engineering and production at Volvo Aero Corporation (now GKN Aerospace)

Ryo KakutaRyo Kakuta
Branch Manager
MTI Co., Ltd. Singapore Branch
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Dr. Ryo KAKUTA is currently manager of MTI SINGAPORE BRANCH. He completed his Ph.D. in Environmental Studies at University of Tokyo in 2008. Soon afterwards he started to work for MTI, NYK group R&D company. In MTI, he has conducted various R&D project including fleet monitoring system development, voyage performance analysis and utilization of big data from vessels. His recent projects include developing digital-twin of vessel for estimating vessel performance in service.

Peter KellerPeter Keller
Executive Vice President
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Biography pending.

Michiel HendrikxMichiel Hendrikx
Regional Sales Director Asia Pacific
Damen Shipyards
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Biography pending.